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We are EIFFEL, for more than 25 years strategic partner in the world of legal, finance and process. Smart doers and pragmatic thinkers. Human-powered and data-driven. We believe the best solutions arise on the intersect of data and talent. With the mentality of pro athletes as daily source of inspiration. We only leave when we have reached the envisioned goal. Preferably, we go beyond.

Thinking in opportunities, acting in solutions. That’s what we at EIFFEL can never have enough of. This means we are continuously looking to strengthen our teams in the world of legal, finance and process. We are looking for experts that have earned their spurs and are eager to grow in creating, designing and providing solutions. But also for starters with great ambition. Development is at the fore front, mixed with new experiences you will gain at different projects. Besides we offer personal training and an extensive vitality program.

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Meander 1061

6825 MJ Arnhem


22nd April 2021

Workshop EIFFEL

What can you expect as a employee of EIFFEL?

During this online meeting you will learn everything about the project consultancy company called EIFFEL. What are we doing? Where do we work? What can you expect as a finance trainee? You will receive answers to all these questions.

In addition, we will take you into the working environment of EIFFEL. An old finance employee will take you into his story. Based on a practical example, we will work together on a finance case. The case will give you an insight into what you can experience with the client and how you respond to this. You will experience this through various questions and investment models. At the end we will see what your recommendations are.

Welcome to the world of EIFFEL!



Activity information

Company Days - Workshop

Registration: Selection

Available places: 20

Language: Dutch

Date: 22-04-2021

Time: 15:00 - 17:30

Location: Online

CV required

Dress code: Business Attire

Areas of interest:
Economics  Finance  Business Administration