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About USG Finance

USG Finance Professionals is a company which has been established in 1998. Throughout the years, we have grown to an organisation with more than 80 professionals.

Not only does USG Finance distinguish itself from competitors with expertise in Finance but also through involvement, ambition and humour.

Next to involvement is relaxation of paramount importance at USG Finance. That’s why USG Finance organises several activities and get-together events to blow off some steam together.

Are you considering to do a traineeship after your finance education? Perhaps USG Finance is something for you! We are a young company which gives you the opportunity to develop into an all-round finance professional in no time. You can enter our programme as a trainee any month and start using your knowledge and skills at several companies such as Jumbo, PwC and Suitsupply.

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Herculesplein 100

3584 AA Utrecht

23rd February 2021

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Activity information

CV Checks

Registration: First come first serve

Available places: 40

Language: Dutch

Date: 23-02-2021

Time: 9:30 - 16:00

Location: Microsoft Teams

Dress code: Business Casual

Areas of interest:
Accountancy  Economics  Finance  Business Administration