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All students from Tilburg University 

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Bain & Company is a global top-3 strategy consulting firm with a passion for achieving measurable results. We help CEOs and top managers make decisions on complex strategic issues and we develop concrete solutions with direct impact. We are informal, direct and honest with our clients and amongst each other. Our culture is characterized by pragmatism and entrepreneurship. Bain consultants are energetic and like to go an extra mile to get things done, both at work and beyond. We offer many opportunities for learning and self-development.

In the field of sustainability, Bain is actively involved in various sustainable activities. We have a special 'Green Team' that focuses on a sustainable working environment. We also carry out pro bono projects for non-profit organizations where we help them further in the strategic area and we help small start-ups that do not have the resources to hire external consultants. More information?

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  • Amstelplein 1, 1096 HA Amsterdam

Key figures

  • Amount of employees in The Netherlands: 180
  • Amount of employees worldwide: 8,000
  • Location headquarters The Netherlands: Amsterdam
  • Location headquarters worldwide: Boston
  • Active in countries: 36
  • Amount of academics starting per year: 15-20
  • Amount of available internships per year: 10
  • Amount of locations in The Netherlands: 1
  • Amount of locations worldwide: 57

15th April 2020

POSTPONED: Consultancy Experience - Bain & Company Bain & Company

During the two days of the Consultancy Experience you will be given the possibility to work on real-time cases, alternating with informal moments, to impress consultants of five of the most prestigious strategy consulting firms. These informal moments consist of: a luxurious business lunch or dinner, or a high tea.

Important: When you register, you automatically sign up for both days. If you have a good reason for not being able to attend one of the two days, please send us an email and perhaps we can make an exception.



Activity information

Consultancy Experience

Subscription: Selection

Language: English

Date: 15-04-2020

Time: 12:30 - 21:30

Location: Auberge du Bonheur

CV required

Dress code: Business Attire

Areas of interest:
All students from Tilburg University