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All students from Tilburg University 

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Founded on October 7, 1919, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the oldest scheduled airline in the world still operating under its original name. In 2016, the KLM Group operated worldwide flights with over 200 aircraft, generating €10 billion revenues and employing 32.000 staff from its Amsterdam basis, which makes us one of the largest employers in the Netherlands. KLM has a strong focus on sustainability, and has been ranked the most sustainable airline in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the last decade. Our corporate culture is down to earth, direct, informal, and open-minded. To realize our ambitions for a healthy future, we are always interested in new talents who bring something extra to our organization. Looking for an internship or for a traineeship in Finance, Business & IT, Engineering or Corporate Management? Check careers.klm.com for additional information and current vacancies. 

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  • Stationsplein 102, 1117 ZL Schiphol - Oost
  • www.careers.klm.com

Key figures

  • Sector(s): Transport & Logistics
  • Amount of employees in The Netherlands: 33,000
  • Amount of employees worldwide: 100,000
  • Location headquarters The Netherlands: Amstelveen
  • Location headquarters worldwide: Amstelveen and Paris
  • Revenue The Netherlands: €11 billion
  • Revenue worldwide: €26 billion
  • Amount of academics starting per year: 150
  • Amount of available internships per year: 200

21st April 2020

KLM Company Presentation KLM


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Company Days - Company Presentation

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Date: 21-04-2020

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Areas of interest:
All students from Tilburg University 

KLM Workshop KLM

Welcome to KLM’s world of revenue management! In this session we show you how we determine ticket prices per flight per day. What internal and external factors we take into considerations and which tools we use to come to final ticket prices. After an introduction about pricing and inventory, we will start the case:

KLM is operating flights to Rome (Italy) since a very long time. Currently, there is one competitor on the route, which can be classified as legacy carrier and generally does not compete aggressively on price. Through a press-release KLM learns that two new entrants will enter the Amsterdam – Rome market shortly (doubling the players active in this market). Suppose you are working at the Pricing & Revenue Management team of KLM, how would you approach these developments in the market? What will be the impact of the arrival of the competitors, what will be the potential revenue for KLM at stake, and how should KLM react? The goal of this case is to come with specific and concrete actions, based on the reference data given, and using a clear line of reasoning. To finalize, a summary of the proposal will be presented by all teams and discussed within the group.

By leaving this session, you will have a completely different view on flight tickets. We hope to see you there!

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Company Days - Workshop

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Date: 21-04-2020

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Accountancy  Econometrics  Economics  Finance  Information Management  Marketing  Business Adminstration  International Management  Psychology  Social Sciences  Supply Chain Management  Strategic Management