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All students from Tilburg University 

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Student Career Services helps students in their preparation for a successful transition to the labor market. By providing a wide variety of services such as information sessions, workshops, personal guidance and TiU Career Portal , Student Career Services helps students to clarify their career goals, establish career plans and develop job-research skills. By acting as a linking pin between Program Management, Study Associations, employers and other (external) parties, the Career Services Officer assists students in making the connection between their academic experience and future career paths. Student Career Services consists of highly experienced career coaches, trainers and labor market advisors, each with their own expertise, tailored to students' needs.

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  • Warandelaan 2, 5037 AB Tilburg
  • www.tilburguniversity.edu/students/career/student-career-services 

19th February 2019

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Subscription: First come first serve

Available places: 20

Language: English

Date: 19-02-2019

Time: 8:40 - 12:15

Location: CZ123

Dress code: Business Casual

Areas of interest:
All students from Tilburg University