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Accountancy  Econometrics  Economics  Finance  Information Management  Marketing  Business Adminstration  Fiscal Economics  International Management  Supply Chain Management  Strategic Management 

About Prodrive

A passion for technology

In close cooperation with our clients, we develop and deliver a wide range of highly competitive products, systems and solutions, employing techniques that are extremely efficient and often unique. We do everything in-house, we cover virtually every conceivable market and we use the very latest process techniques, many of which we have developed ourselves. As a result of this innovative approach, we are among the fastest-growing technology companies in Europe.


As a private-owned company, we aim to provide more than just shareholder satisfaction. We operate under a healthy ambition to be of relevance, and to contribute to meaningful innovation that tackle major challenges in society.


Those who come into contact with our company always refer to the way our people have remarkable passion and ambition. Our people are inspired by our unique culture, with a strong focus on the values Equality, Responsibility and Trust.


Apply at For questions please send an e-mail to: [email protected]

Contact information

  • Science Park Eindhoven 5501, 5692 EM Son
  • +31 (0)40 2676200
  • [email protected]

Key figures

  • Sector(s): High-Tech
  • Amount of employees in the Netherlands: 1,300
  • Amount of employees worldwide: 1,400
  • Location headquarters Netherlands: Son
  • Location headquarters worldwide: Son
  • Active in countries: 5
  • Revenue worldwide: €225 million
  • Amount of academics starting per year: 150
  • Amount of available internships per year: 10
  • Percentage academics working: 70%
  • Amount of locations in the Netherlands: 1
  • Amount of locations worldwide: 5

17th April 2019

Company Presentation Prodrive



Activity information

Company Days - Company Presentation

Subscription: Open subscription

Language: English

Date: 17-04-2019

Time: 11:15 - 12:15

Location: CZ110

Dress code: Business Casual

Individual Conversations Prodrive



Activity information

Company Days - Individual Conversations

Subscription: Selection

Available places: 7

Language: Dutch

Date: 17-04-2019

Time: 13:45 - 15:45

Location: CUBE102 & CUBE103

CV required

Dress code: Business Attire

Areas of interest:
All students from TiSEM