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Accountancy  Finance  International Management  Supply Chain Management  Strategic Management 

About ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil Corporation is one of the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas companies, best known in the Benelux for its Esso and Mobil brands. With activities in nearly all countries around the world, ExxonMobil prides itself on its commitment to meeting the world’s growing demand for energy in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible manner. The company strives towards operational excellence with an expert talented and diverse workforce, strong financial resources and cutting edge technology. Our customers are both global and local ranging from major chemical companies to the thousands of customers a day who visit Esso service stations.


Our people are analytical, result-oriented and focused on getting the best out of their teams. They thrive in our company culture: open, with an international mindset and down to earth. Our hands-on approach, job rotation system, regular training and long-term focus enable our people to learn and develop their talents continuously. The acquired skills and knowledge will help them to become our future generation of managers or technical specialists.

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  • Hermeslaan 2, 1831 Machelen - Belgium
  • +323 - 5433456
  • [email protected]
  • www.exxonmobil.nl/careers

Key figures

  • Sector(s): Energy – Oil & Gas
  • Amount of employees in the Netherlands: 1,400
  • Amount of employees worldwide: >70,000
  • Location headquarters Netherlands: Breda
  • Location headquarters worldwide: Irving, US
  • Active in countries: >200
  • Revenue worldwide: $244.3 billion
  • Amount of academics starting per year: 20
  • Amount of available internships per year: 10
  • Amount of locations in the Netherlands: 5
  • Amount of locations worldwide: >400

17th April 2019

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Workshop ExxonMobil

The case study will cover the complexities that you will face while working in the oil & gas industry. Are you able to look further than your own interests? Would you rather focus on optimizing the short term benefits, or would you prioritize the company’s long term perspectives.

Through a role play, students will have to overcome challenges that you will encounter while working in a team with different interests. By discussing with their teammates, students should get to an agreement that’s in best interest of the company.

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Company Days - Workshop

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Areas of interest:
Accountancy  Finance  International Management  Supply Chain Management  Strategic Management